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What is Distributed Denial of Service in cyber security?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a form of cyber warfare launched by cybercriminals. By bombarding the targeted server, website, or network with a massive influx of Internet traffic, the DDoS attack overwhelms the target, leading to an overload. For this, attackers generate traffic by leveraging a network of infected devices, commonly known as botnets. These botnets could comprise of thousands or millions of enslaved computers or IoT devices, scattered globally, which, when activated, start sending countless requests to the targeted system. As the target tries to handle this sudden surge, its resources get strained. In a successful DDoS attack, this results in severely slow response times or in total shutdown of services, inadvertently leading to financial losses and tainting the entity's reputation. These attacks can target anyone, from individuals and businesses to nation-states, adding a significant threat to the rapidly expanding digital world.